Chicagoland’s “Pavement Problem Solvers” since 1979!

Our story is a quintessentially American one. We started out with just one pick-up truck 30 years ago, patching potholes and plowing snow in small parking lots across the city.

Over the years, we’ve grown from that humble Ford to a fleet of dump trucks, semis and paving equipment that moves throughout Chicagoland every day. We handle the medium and large jobs that have to be done right the first time—the shopping center parking lots, the fast food drive-through lanes and the spacious office parks. But we’ve never forgotten where we came from and that every successful business is built on satisfied customers.

Today M&J Asphalt Paving Company provides a host of services to a variety of clients, from municipalities and Fortune 500 companies to manufacturing firms and residential property managers. Whether it’s asphalt paving, concrete installation, sewer repairs or snow removal, M&J has prided itself on utilizing the latest technological and ecological advances to better serve our customers.

We believe that business must evolve to stay competitive and offer its customers the highest quality service at the most reasonable price.

In 2011, we opened a full-service concrete division to give our customers a one-stop shop for those jobs that requires foundations, curbing and sidewalks. In 1999, we began offering StreetPrint, a low-cost, high-quality decorative paving solution that breathes new life into aging crosswalks, streets and driveways. We also introduced Chicagoland to Ice B’Gone Magic, a revolutionary deicer that is 30 percent more effective than traditional rock salt and is friendlier to pets, grass, automobiles and the environment.

As a family-owned and self-performing company, we understand that budgets are paramount when it comes to making ground maintenance decisions. Over the years, we have committed ourselves to extending the lifecycle of your pavement without damaging your bottom line. That is a tradition we enthusiastically carry forward to this day.